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Lektor-PythonMarkdown v1.2 shipped with Markdown v3.x support

Lately we worked on Lektor-PythonMarkdown plugin which is used to build this web site. With this new release we made it compatible with the latest version of Mardown v3.x. This is little improvement and allow you to enjoy all the benefits of this new version within Lektor. Enjoy !

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zfs-format-disk: Replace ZFS Disk on Proxmox server

Proxmox VE provide really good support for ZFS. Right from the installation, we may install the OS on ZFS. Using the web interface, we may create filesystem or volume to be used by virtual machine. Virtual Machine snapshot make use of ZFS snapshot. It also support some feature that we have yet to...

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Lektor-PythonMarkdown plugin

Since 2014, we are using a static file generator to build our website. We used Jekyll to start with. It served us very well for a while, but after a year Jekyll proved to be painful to customize and maintain. Adding macro was requiring to write them in ruby. The visual appearance is not completel...

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How to setup Gitlab CI/CD ?

We’ve been using Jenkins since 2014. Jenkins serves us well for the last couple of years. But with the rise of CI/CD, there are more tools providing rich full feature for CICD integration. Gitlab CICD is a new player from a well-known vendor. This article won’t go into details about the pros and ...

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Proxmox VE: ZFS primarycache=all or metadata

Awhile back, we benchmark our Proxmox infrastructure in various ways mainly to experiment and to get the maximum out of the hardware we had. We did write two articles on the subject to share our result and conclusion, but we did not take the time to share all our result. In an initiative to conti...

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Supermicro X8 - Fan control (smx8fancontrol)

A while ago, i bought two used Supermicro server to build our lab with Proxmox. These servers are Supermicro SuperServer 6016T-MTLF equipped with X8DTL-if motherboard. These are stable servers but a bit old. Still, for our current needs, these servers meet our expectation in terms of performance....

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