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Supermicro X8 - Fan control (smx8fancontrol)

A while ago, i bought two used Supermicro server to build our lab with Proxmox. These servers are Supermicro SuperServer 6016T-MTLF equipped with X8DTL-if mo...

New promotional brochure

Minarca, our online backup software, is having a beauty with its new advertising flyers.

Access Minarca directly from your cell phone

Access Minarca web interface faster from your cell phone with the 'add to home screen' function.

Try the new version of Minarca!

The new, secure solution for backing up your documents, photos, and projects.

D3js for Rdiffweb

A new Rdiffweb plugins show backup statistics with beautiful d3js graphs. It shows back up activities, file count, file size and errors for each repository.

Rdiffweb on Python 3

Rdiffweb development version is running on python3! These changes fix most encoding issues encounter with previous release.